From the desk of Mike Cheney
September 26, 2023

Dear Friend,

Thirty-three years ago, in a dusty classroom, when I was just 13 years old, I was taught how to meditate...

Little did I know it would lead to a quest for true spiritual awakening and you and I communicating with one another on this page. Like you I had a strong desire to completely awaken.

I studied under several Buddhist monks, meditated for many years and have read countless spirituality books but the final breakthrough to true awakening came from a very unexpected source...

Something has brought you and I together in this moment and enabled our paths to cross - you want to know where you are on the spiritual journey and how to progress...

Like I did, I'm sure you have a deep yearning for answers, a thirst for the truth and a strong desire for lasting happiness.

On my spiritual journey it was all of these (and more!) which drew me towards awakening.

Like most people I spent much of my adult life chasing money, attainment and so-called success - can you relate to this?

It doesn't really work though does it? You don't feel happy do you?

They've been telling us from an early age that financial success and attainment of "things" would lead to happiness.

They said if you worked hard enough you could create your own own dream life.

But the truth is...

"You End Up Living a Life of Fear, Uncertainty and Stress..."

You go from one goal to the next hoping it will be the one to give you lasting happiness but nothing ever works (even if you get everything you thought you wanted!).

Your life becomes a frenzy of activity, striving, planning and worrying.

So you try to improve things - perhaps you create a vision board, set goals or make future plans but it's all just a trap.

You end up spending your entire life planning for the future that never comes;

"I'll be happy later once I've achieved ABC and attained XYZ..."

Your entire life gets wasted trying to line up dominoes in exactly the right way.

You hope the dominoes might eventually fall down in the correct way in the future to create a moment of fleeting happiness for you.

But this is no way to live and;

Don't be fooled into thinking you only feel this way because you haven't attained or achieved enough...

"Money Isn't the Answer Either - I Had Seven Figures in the Bank But Still Couldn't Find Lasting Happiness or Peace..."

It's true.

I've only worked in one job and it didn't make me happy so I quit.

I set up my own business and, in conventional terms, "succeeded" at it for twenty years.

But millions of dollars later, after buying all the toys, houses, vacations and trappings there was still an emptiness inside.

I tried filling it with sporting endeavour so started cycling of all things...

In the space of a few years I went from beginner all the way to competing at the Amateur World Championships but it still wasn't enough.

The existential hole was still there.

The latest shiny thing could never fill the void or give me the deep peace I so desperately longed for...

"Is There Something Wrong with You - Why Can't You Just be Happy?"

At least when you're struggling for money and status you can delude yourself that the sense of lack is why you feel unhappy.

But when you've got it all and realize it's *still* not enough then it finally hits home...

No *thing* will ever be enough.

Life is not meant to be a struggle like this.

It's time for a change.

This is exactly what happened to me  - I'd reached the end of the road with life and felt full of desperation with nowhere to turn.

Then something simple yet powerful struck me;

"Is Fear Holding You Back?"

I was happily married with two kids, a successful business and lots of spare time but something was still missing.

I felt a deep yearning within me. I knew I was missing a big piece of the jigsaw of life that had escaped me thus far.

My story had followed the mainstream path that they told us should make us happy - but it didn't work.

It was time to change.

Perhaps you've been experiencing the same feelings?

You feel like nothing can fill the void you feel inside.

You're fighting with yourself, your inner voice, other people and the world and it's stressing you out.

You've seen the way most people in a battle with life and you know there must be another way. If you could just rise above it all, everything would be okay.

Well luckily there IS a better way...

"When I Truly Awakened All Suffering Faded Away - Here's What Happened..."

I began studying under a Buddhist monk and meditating more earnestly.

During one particular meditation I envisioned the body dying and experienced a "crown opening" where the top of my head experienced an opening to the above.

An infinite field of blackness, stars and intelligence surged inwards and downwards then upwards and outwards...

It was clear right away I was not the mind, the body or the identity.

I took a vow to truly awaken and teach others.

I walked to a lone tree near my house, sat down underneath it and offered a prayer to every God, deity and the Universe to awaken and teach others the truth.

A short time later I had a mind-blowing "everything is one" experience during an innocent trip to the swimming pool with my daughter.

Everything took on the same appearance, everything comprised of the same indivisible quality, everything was energy and of the same intrinsic value.

Every perceivable object now presented itself with a loving, knowing glow and warm friendliness.

All suffering faded away and a warm, loving and ever-present peace and “okayness” has replaced it.

The illusion had been seen through.

Many people embark on this journey towards awakening but get lost along the way.

This is your invitation - I can help guide you to awakening, a new life and a new you...

"What Other People Are Saying About Mike Cheney..."

“In Just One Short Month I Have Realized I Am Exactly Where I Am Meant to Be. I’ve Been Re-United With I AM…”

Before working with Mike I was in a depression not knowing who I was or what I believed in anymore. Worrying about the unknowns of the future and being dissatisfied with what was had. I was losing trust in myself. In just one short month I have realized that I am exactly where I am meant to be RIGHT NOW. The striving for more material things and comparisons to others started falling away. I have been reunited with “I AM” and feeling confident to continue in my search for truth with his guidance.

Tara Bruno
Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

“Your Lovely Teachings Created a Shift in My Consciousness.”

I sat in Satsang with Gangaji for six years. I know these thoughts and feelings of freedom. I felt they would stay with me forever and I wouldn't need to revisit the lessons.
But as years go by we tend to forget. So your lovely teachings have reached me and created a shift in my consciousness. Thank you.

Morganne Leigh
New Mexico, USA

Mike Cheney’s Teaching Merits a Place in The Library of Every Earnest Spiritual Practitioner...”

Mike Cheney has been Graced with the realization that worldly pursuits alone do not have the ability to bring about lasting joy and happiness at a relatively early age. His writing style is truly inspired by his awakening experience. Mike has a unique ability to use metaphor as a tool of self expression as well as instructional value. His clear, simple and direct style of writing merits a place in the library of every earnest spiritual practitioner.

James Heldwein
Author of ‘Wind Chimes: The Simplicity of Being’ & ‘An Invitation to Peace’

“Mike Cheney’s Teachings Have Transformed Me in So Many Ways.”

Mike’s teachings have always been very insightful and helpful for me. I am always excited and eager to read Mike's answers, and many times I read them again and again. Every sentence has a deep meaning. The answers are very concise and easy to grasp.
Those small analogies get easily stuck and keep me guiding 24x7, even when I am busy during the day or playing with my kids... when I sit quietly, I observe that Mike's teachings have transformed me in so many ways.

Gaurav Sharma
California, USA

“Mike Speaks To Me on a Level I Can’t Describe – I Can Now Just Let Life Happen Without the Fear and Worry…”

Mike speaks to me on a level I can't describe but has in an instant helped with the worry of loneliness by simply knowing someone else has felt and struggled the same. After reading his description of the fear and worries of losing one's path, I was able to step back and take a breath of relief. His words helped me to allow myself to feel that it was ok to step back and just let life happen without the fear and worry of always having to do or be doing something as sometimes there's not much we can do beyond accepting and being who we are in the moment we're in.

Brian Feldhaus-McKee
Colorado, USA

“He Can Identify Your Core Problem in Just One Talk.”

When I first met Mike Cheney, I thought he was unreachable for advice unless you paid him thousands of dollars but I couldn’t have been more wrong.
Mike was not only reachable but he went on and beyond to help me out and answered each and every question I had for him (and believe me when I tell you this, there were a LOT of them!).
His coaching style is second to none, he has a fantastic sense of direction and can identify what your core problem is in just one talk. No fluff, no beating around the bush, you get a straight up plan of action and it’s obviously up to you to follow through but if I had to start all over again with a spiritual coach, he would be my #1 choice hands down.

Sergio Felix

“Your Guidance Has Really Helped Me in Tough Moments.”

Your guidance has really helped in tough moments. I seriously appreciate the fact that you took time even out of your time on vacation to be there and listen to me.
That seriously meant a lot. What we talked about really helped set off a new me. It really has changed my way of thinking and being. Being here in the moment, that there's no past and no future.

Sonny Minefee
Texas, USA

“I’m Now Sober, Doing What I Love and Being Paid More Than Ever Too!”

First off I wanted to say thank you. You provided some words for me at a critical point in my life and as a result, I am now almost 3 years sober from drinking and smoking weed. Within this period of time, I have also quit cigarettes for over a year now, and also just crossed 500 days of 1 hour straight daily meditations with no days missed. Additionally, I have also acquired the highest paying salary job I have ever had, doing what I love, working with great people who appreciate me and also great hours. So thank you!!

David McAlorum
Calgary, Canada

“Plain English and No Fear!”

I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your teachings.

I’m glad you’re out there, bringing this experience down to earth for those who are going through it.

Plain English and no fear 🙂 just giving you a bravo!

T. Long
Indiana, USA

“Mike Knows How To Point People Towards Their Direct Experience...”

Mike knows how to point people towards their direct experience to show how the self-identity is basically empty.

His writing is clear and concise, while being fresh and interesting.

I'm excited to see what else he writes!

Brian Carpenter
Westminster, CO., USA

“We Are Very Blessed to Have This Kind-Hearted, Caring Person in Our Lives!”

Where do I start with this amazing man! He genuinely is a kind-hearted, intelligent, caring person.

He has been there for my family anytime we needed him.

We are very blessed to have got to know him and to have him in our lives!

Athena Fleeger
Pennsylvania, USA

"I've Guided Countless Students Like You Directly to Awakening - There is a Small Fee and Here's Why..."

There's a famous Zen phrase;

"Before enlightenment - carry water, chop wood. After enlightenment - carry water, chop wood."

I've been teaching and coaching people for over 20 years - whether it be private clients, entrepreneurs, students or seekers.

It's in my blood - both my parents were teachers and...

If there's one thing I've learned in the 20 years I've been coaching and teaching people it's this;

- You have a greater chance of success if you're invested in the process

I've given plenty of guidance for free (and still do so) but by putting a price tag on working with me it ensures only those who really want this step forward.

Plenty of people talk a good game when it comes to wanting spiritual awakening but then they self-sabotage with endless excuses;

  • "Now's not the right time..."
  • "My situation isn't perfect for this..."
  • "I just need to sort out a few things and then I'll tackle it..."
  • "I'm worried I might lose my identity or my job..."
  • "I'm scared about how my loved ones might react..."

"Either you want truth or you don't..."

There are no half-measures.

Putting a very modest price tag on my training ensures 3 very important things;

#1. You are invested in the process

#2. You are much more likely to succeed with my guidance

#3. You are supporting my family and my practice so the teaching remains sustainable and available for others

"Your Time to Truly Awaken is Right Now - Introducing..."


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This Is Not For Everyone...

You need to truthful with yourself and you need to be ready for change.

You need to be open-minded and prepared to embrace a completely new direction in your life.

I've helped countless individuals awaken to a new life and I'm excited to work with you.

However, it may transpire that this isn't quite for you or it's not what you expected (you do need to put forth effort and apply what you learn of course).

So to remove all the risk for you I've put a simple guarantee in place;

Your 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Join Awakening Direct today at this low special offer price (just for people who've completed the Spiritual Awakening Test) and get full access, apply the methods and judge for yourself.

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YES! I Want to Achieve True Spiritual Awakening...

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You can experience dark days when you're struggling with awakening and you can feel completely alone.

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You don't have to feel like this.

I am here to help you and guide you through this often tricky, challenging and confusing process.

Whether you want to personally reach out to me for help, to connect with others going through the same thing or get access to proven techniques and tools to help you progress - everything you need is here.

There's an old cliche you've probably heard;

"When the student is ready, the teacher will appear."

Now is that time. Now is your time.

Let's connect together inside the Awakening Direct members area and I can help you on your journey to True Awakening.

In love and light,







Mike Cheney

YES! I Want to Awaken to a New Life of Peace, Purpose and Passion

YES! I Want to Achieve True Spiritual Awakening...

YES. Please give me Instant Access to the Exclusive Guided Meditations with Mike Cheney

YES. I would like access to the Extensive Archive of Mike’s Essential Teachings on Awakening, Self-Realization, Enlightenment, and more

YES. Please grant me Access to the Awakening Direct Private Facebook Community

YES. I want the Breakthrough Audio Teachings

YES. I'd also like to receive the Exclusive Audio Book version of "7 Steps to Truly Awakening" by Mike Cheney

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